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Did some formal study at a Bible school in the US about 8 years ago. Find enjoyment from reading books like the Moody Handbook of Theology. Raised Catholic until 14. Followed the typical non-denominational dogma until about 23. Now I pick what I like from the various opinions on topics rather than the whole.

This is kind of funny: http://www.venganza.org/images/fsmrof.png

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comment What is the source of God's power?
I really like this question, but I think you might be confused on what is really meant when the Bible mentions other gods and certainly the Bible never equates them with the Almighty. They are incomparable; the Almighty is incomparable to anything. He is his own reference point; the ultimate reference point.
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comment What was the status of evil before we knew about it?
@jlaverde No. I'm saying that the concepts of good and evil mean nothing without the other. Certainly, all that exists can be all good. But calling it good means nothing with out a concept of evil as well. I guess what I am saying is that God created the concept of evil at the same time He created the concept of good at Creation. Therefore, addressing both in any argument is not necessary; it is implied that you always mean both because nothing else makes sense.
comment Are there good and evil spirits all around us?
@StevenDoggart Is that real or are you joking?
comment What was the status of evil before we knew about it?
@Bye Take your time. But take "It is good" at Creation, for example. That really only means something in light of its absence, which is implied as not good. Where evil and good are diametrically opposed not good is evil and not evil is good. If there was no such thing as good then there could be no such thing as evil. This is the absolutist reasoning. In reality, however, it seems there are plenty of things that are neither good nor evil, so this is in contrast with our daily observations, in my opinion.
comment Does knowing a spirit's name give special powers in controlling that spirit according to Christian theology?
Makes sense that knowing the name would help you understand it better. The names of the angels and even some of the apostles are a description of the person, not just a benign assortment of syllables as seen in western culture.
comment What is life in Heaven going to be like?
Never mind the grammar this time. This answer just stinks.
comment Why are Protestants allowed to divorce?
I don't know if you are joking or serious. This time, as with the others, I submitted the comment and downvoted in immediate succession, less than a second apart.
comment Why doesn't the Catholic Church kill heretics anymore?
@JayarathinaMadharasan Good point. I think you are getting downvotes because there are no sources. Maybe you could show a few typical examples of heretics being burned and how it was not under the Church's authority. Also, I think the tone of the post is a bit defensive. Maybe try a more neutral approach.
comment What were the Nephilim, and what role did they play in the Bible beyond just being mentioned?
@Sandwich I think "Fallen" is just as ambiguous as "Nephilim." In the Sethite view, they are also 'fallen.' They are fallen from God's grace, fallen from righteousness, fallen from union with Adam, and so on.
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comment Did Jonah die and raise from the dead?
Perhaps "deep in the realm of the dead" is referring to the Ocean and, worse than that, in the belly of a beast in the Ocean. It doesn't get much worse than that. Perhaps ask what that phrase specifically means on the Hermeneutics site.
comment Jonah and the Whale - Is there any scientific proof that it is possible to survive in the belly of whale?
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about the scientific possibility of a story and not Christianity, or even the Christian story itself.
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reviewed Close Are there good and evil spirits all around us?
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