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Android mercenary @ Sony Electronics. Dirt bike rider, BMXer, snowboarder, skater, surfer, golfer, gamer, and all around cool dude.

I've written Android apps for Fandango (tablet and phone), Regal Cinemas, and Intuit. I've advised companies such as Starbucks, and Bridgepoint Education on advanced Android development, and I also wrote the top paid finance app Moola.

I'm also on Github. I am the author of Robobilling Library which you might find useful if you need an all-in-one solution for app purchases on Google Play AND the Amazon Appstore.

comment Does transcendental meditation conflict with any Christian beliefs?
I'd go with health benefits over unfounded beliefs any day.
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comment What is the physical evidence for a global flood?
@BenRichards Not really, the Bible makes the claim of a worldwide flood.