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I am a professional (and hobbyist/enthusiast) software developer, proficient in C#, ASP.NET, MVC, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. I have been programming since I was 14 and have spend the last 11 years building and shaping my skill set into a tool that help shape the future of software development. I am currently working on several personal and professional projects.

Many of my questions on StackOverflow are directly related to projects I am working on, and I hope that in the future, these questions may be able to help other StackOverflow users.

I hope that my Q&A with stack overflow can have some effect with helping other developers to prosper in their personal and professional projects.

comment How can Jesus, born of mankind, be sinless?
Do you regard any/all sexual desire as a sin? I thought that only unjust sexual desire (outside of marriage, or within marriage, but without love). My understanding was that sexual desire was not sinful, provided that it is based on the foundation of love, as opposed to love, within a marriage? - Are you saying that even "good" Christians who are married, are committing a sin when they wish to start a family?
comment Will people in hell be able to remember people in heaven?
Thanks for your answer. I guess my reason for asking is that on Earth, we commit impure acts. As nothing impure can enter heaven, surely even the thought of an impure act, or the recollection of an impure act should not be allowed either?
comment Will people in hell be able to remember people in heaven?
@2tim424 thanks for your reply. I guess my logic here comes from the fact that nothing impure can enter heaven, therefore, as earthly life is impure, surely your memory of it should be erased. Does that make sense?