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Working on an internal project management and billing system for Flad Affiliated Corp. in Madison, WI.

Known languages include: Clojure, C#, C/C++, Python, (some) Ruby, XHTML(duh), JavaScript, CSS, (some) ActionScript3, Visual Basic, MSSQL, MySQL, Erlang, x86 Assembly (mostly 32bit inline asm), and some F#.

Known OSes include: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Irix, working on learning OpenBSD and Solaris.

comment Did Adam and Eve end up getting saved?
Agreed, Hebrews goes into detail on this. In this modern age, we are saved by trusting in the sacrifice Jesus made in the past. Adam and Eve were saved by the trusting in the sacrifice Jesus would make in the future. As by sin one man entered the world, so also all will be saved by the death of one man, Jesus.
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