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comment Does human effort oppose God's grace?
You would need to specify a particular tradition. Some traditions hold to the fact that salvation is all of grace (Spurgeon). So, we only work because we have already been saved.
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comment Judas in heaven
If Judas is in heaven, it would be hard to understand why it would have been better if he had never been born.
answered Confusion with Adam and Eve
reviewed Close Where do Christians believe the Qur'an came from?
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reviewed Close Do people who commit “major” sins after accepting Jesus go to Heaven?
comment Are there Biblical reasons why a Christian should not believe that Global Warming is happening
calling people delusional is a bit inappropriate here.
comment Confusion with Adam and Eve
Uh, your answer is completely false. You may wish that evolution is proven, but it is not. Scientific Method > Create hypothesis, Design Test, Repeat Test to verify results. Evolution is not science. It's not testable. It's only a theory that somehow all things are related.
comment What happened to the 40 Jews who vowed not to eat or drink until they killed Paul?
Nothing is recorded in Scripture, but I'm pretty sure they're all dead now.
comment Why did Protestants abandon Liturgy of the Hours?
@caseyr547 That is certainly a matter of opinion. This correctly represents the Protestant perspective, but I respect that there are other perspectives. We should not downvote answers because we disagree when that answer accurately represents the perspective to which the question is directed.
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reviewed Delete Where do Christians believe the Qur'an came from?
comment Everyone is sufferring - Godly and UnGodly people
I don't see how this is about Christianity. Nonetheless, just because a religion increases in number does not mean it is true.
comment How can an omniscient God say that all he created was good and then make changes as though he forgot something?
You're assuming that God was surprised to find that no suitable helper was found for Adam, but that assumption is invalid. God certainly knew all along that there would be no other suitable helper. God doesn't ask questions to gain information either. The benefit was for Adam. Adam also saw that no suitable helper existed for himself. Thus, when God created Eve, Adam had learned through experience that she was his unique companion. He probably even came up with the first pick up line--"Eve, you're the only woman in the world for me."
comment Where did the term “Jew” come from?
There is a tribe of Judah, one of the twelve sons of Jacob/Israel. The ten northern tribes went into exile first, leaving "Judah" with Jerusalem as the place where God continued to send prophets. "Jew" probably comes from a shortened form of the word "Judah".
comment What is theological root of global warming skepticism?
Let us continue this discussion in chat.
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