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comment NIV Hidden Bible Verses
@TRiG thanks for the help, but I read the Hebrew and Greek's first versions of the bible, also in other languages as english (KJV, NIV), spanish (RVR60, NVI, LBLA),.. And I found interesting that the new versions doesn't have those verses, and some versions just add it at the bottom of the page. And you know is important to know more about the source of what you are reading.
comment NIV Hidden Bible Verses
well, thanks for the help.. I'm gonna read those links you add.. Anyway even if it's still reliable for doctrine, it lose verses that are really important that I had read in Greek, that explains a lot of things because had amazing implications.
comment How is the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus interpreted?
Well @DJClayworth is right about the description of the parable (by definition it is). But the most interesting part of this parable is the revelation of the soul, I mean if the soul dies when our flesh does? With this parable show that it isn't a death as we know is another kind of dead as the bible explains.