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I'm Morwenn. You might have come across my profile near a C++ question. That wouldn't be surprising since I am almost always toying in a dark corner of your bedroom with some modern C++ features (don't be afraid :p); I gave up keeping the actual C++ version I'm using up-to-date in this profile, but it should be the latest version available, any time, plus some experimental features. I sometimes try to contribute to the C++ standard and occasionally help modernizing open-source C++ projects.

When I'm not torturing templates, I develop some small scripts or applications with Python. Once in a while it doesn't hurt, and Sphinx is definitely the best thing that happened to project documentation.

Let's talk about hobbies now? :) I love to listen to music all day long while doing anything - psytrance is a must while programming. I also love to talk about music and to play music. I have been playing the recorder in a celtic metal band for some time now, that's plenty of fun ^^

Whatever, I don't know what to add. You can check my GitHub if you feel like it, there are some modern C++ libraries and other pseudo-random stuff over there. Anyway, have a good day and have fun programming, that's what matters the most! :)

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