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If my first boss, Andy Johnson-Laird, hadn't rung Bill to back out of writing The Programmer's Guide to MS-DOS, I was the guy getting the code credits. Sigh.

Since making the move from hacking to hawking, I climbed the corporate greasy pole, raised sums from loose change to a billion dollars (boy, was that a bubble!) and co-founded product, service and professional service businesses. In Cambridge I set up Beginspace, the world's first popup startup centre, and Ideaspace, the incubation co-working space operated by the University of Cambridge.

My day job is as an ordained minister in the Church of England, which is why I sometimes call myself an ordained entrepreneur. I thought I'd coined that term, but someone beat me to it. Drat. I'm also cofounder of Rumbly, "The Amazon of sandwiches," shaking up workplace lunches in the UK.

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