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I am a web programmer by day (PHP) and work on sermons and teaching material in the evenings.

I attended Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, Missouri, for a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and a Master of Divinity. I am an associate pastor at a small church in Iowa. While in seminary, my emphasis was on Old Testament studies, but Dr. Wave Nunnally introduced me to the rabbinics. Those have become a special interest as well.

I also enjoy apologetics and was a very active member of the apologetics.org forum before it went defunct.

comment Is Lucid Dreaming a sin?
@curiousdannii, I've thought about this a lot over the years. I've concluded that it isn't innately sinful but can be depending on what you do in the lucid dream. Lucid flying, not a sin. Using the lucid dream to murder someone you are mad at, sin.
comment Is Jesus the seed of Abraham?
Because זרע is Hebrew, not Greek. The Greek Paul uses in that verse is σπέρματι, which I put in the top, replacing the Hebrew zera'. Since you had quoted the Genesis source for Paul's quote, I put the Hebrew at the bottom so people could follow up on that route if they wanted.
comment Is there any evidence to support a preference for second-career pastors coming disproportionately from IT?
Add me to the count. My first Hebrew professor (an engineering student before being called to ministry) told me that his best Hebrew students came from the following fields: engineering, math, accounting, and computer science.
comment Why is the Book of Enoch not regarded as canonical?
Related on BH.SE: What were the historical reasons why the book of Enoch was excluded from most Christian canons?
comment Was the book of Enoch once part of the holy scriptures?
Related on BH.SE: What were the historical reasons why the book of Enoch was excluded from most Christian canons?
comment Did early church fathers understand the doctrine of trinity?
Actually, there are at least 24 quotes from the Church Fathers of Matthew 28:19's "name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit" from prior to 400. And there is plenty of manuscript evidence that Matt 28:19 as we have it is original.
comment Did Jonah die and raise from the dead?
How would a Pentecostal perspective be helpful here? (I ask as an Assemblies of God minister.)
comment How were people baptized in the name of Jesus without the Holy Spirit in Acts 8?
@gideonmarx, good catch. Added to the top of the list.
comment Are there Christian denominations that promote making themselves eunuchs?
Regarding Origen, he was a staunch literalist before he castrated himself. After that, he began his more famous allegorical/spiritual interpretations.
comment What language did Jesus speak?
Mostly taken from an answer to a similar question on BH.SE.
comment How much variation is in the Hebrew language of the Old Testament?
After the first paragraph, this post deals nothing with the OP's request for how grammar, syntax, and word usage varied over the time of the OT's composition.
comment What language did Jesus speak?
@Jas3.1, I have a response to this answer over on BH.SE. I feel like it should be copied to this site as it addresses some major flaws in konways' answer. However, it would simply be a cut and paste job. Would that be acceptable?
comment What are the soteriological implications of Arianism?
And if Jesus is not God, then He cannot be savior.
comment Where is the Trinity in the Bible?
The problem with taking "son of man" from Numbers and conflating it with Jesus' title in the Gospels are several. 1) the phrase changed meaning over the years. At first, it meant "human being." Then it was used to refer to the prophet Ezekiel. In the Intertestamental Period, it became a title for the Messiah. It did not mean just "human being." 2) Mixing the verses confuses God the Father and God the Son. God the Father (who this verse refers to) was never incarnated, so He would not be a Son of Man under any definition. God the Son was incarnated, and was a Son of Man and the Son of Man.
comment Why isn't the cross considered an idol?
@DanAndrews, I'm a minister and if my senior pastor or I thought people were worshiping the cross instead of using it as an aid, would give a blistering sermon on the topic. I personally know plenty of other ministers who would do the same.