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I am a web programmer by day (PHP) and work on sermons and teaching material in the evenings.

I attended Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, Missouri, for a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and a Master of Divinity. I am an associate pastor at a small church in Iowa. While in seminary, my emphasis was on Old Testament studies, but Dr. Wave Nunnally introduced me to the rabbinics. Those have become a special interest as well.

I also enjoy apologetics and was a very active member of the apologetics.org forum before it went defunct.

comment What are the soteriological implications of Arianism?
And if Jesus is not God, then He cannot be savior.
comment Where is the Trinity in the Bible?
The problem with taking "son of man" from Numbers and conflating it with Jesus' title in the Gospels are several. 1) the phrase changed meaning over the years. At first, it meant "human being." Then it was used to refer to the prophet Ezekiel. In the Intertestamental Period, it became a title for the Messiah. It did not mean just "human being." 2) Mixing the verses confuses God the Father and God the Son. God the Father (who this verse refers to) was never incarnated, so He would not be a Son of Man under any definition. God the Son was incarnated, and was a Son of Man and the Son of Man.
comment Why isn't the cross considered an idol?
@DanAndrews, I'm a minister and if my senior pastor or I thought people were worshiping the cross instead of using it as an aid, would give a blistering sermon on the topic. I personally know plenty of other ministers who would do the same.