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comment Which Orthodox churches are on the New Calendar, and which are on the Old Calendar?
I won't give you the full response, but regarding Poland - it is partly New Calendar and partly Old Calendar - this is left to the decision of a bishop.
comment How do Orthodox Bishops and theologians view the Church Fathers' definition of the word “catholic?”
The question is invalid. The early Church Fathers used only capital letters.
comment What is the “new doctrine” that Leo Tolstoy mentions in *Anna Karenina*?
I understand. However Tolstoy is 'far from orthodox' no matter what. He is far from ancient Orthodox church and contemporary as well.
comment What is the “new doctrine” that Leo Tolstoy mentions in *Anna Karenina*?
Certainly the sentence "Tolstoy was excommunicated from the Orthodox church because of his rejection of the Hegelian and Slavophilia influences that were prevalent1 throughout the 19th century." is wrong. Tolstoy's religious and political views were far from orthodox.
comment Does the triune God have will by nature, or by persons?
You confused the two wills of Christ (human and divine) with the idea of separate wills in Trinity (which is not supported by christian theology).
comment Does God's omnipresence extend to hell?
The translation of the word ἀπό as 'away from' is just an intepretation. This pronoun can mean separation, but also cause.
comment Did Jesus really die?
This is not the answer to the question and it suggests apolinarianism. The soul of Christ was human, but your answer suggests, that Word of God = soul of Christ.
comment Why did Aquinas place so much credence in Aristotle?
It depends on how you count. If you define a rib as a bone that is connect to the sternum, then yes - human has eight ribs. This is of course different from today's definition, but this must be how Aristotle and Aquinas counted them. Thinking that Aristotle and Aquinas never saw a human skeleton is ridiculous. This is similar to the myth that Aristotle believed fly has 4 legs. Aristotle wrote about a species of mayfly that uses only four legs for walking.
comment What is “heresy”?
Of course that One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is the one protecting the orthodoxy. But it doesn't have an institution similar to Holy See. This is what I meant.
comment Can a non-orthodox layman arrive to Hesychia?
@Pavel - if one thing can be certain, it is that ignatian spirituality is incompatible with orthodoxy. The philokalian fathers forbade strictly creating images in one's mind, which is the basis of ignatian meditation. I don't know how this RC bishop reconciled it, but he certainly needed to bend over backwards.
comment What are the key differences between the Western and Eastern Christianity?
Consider editing your post and substituting "Eastern" with "Oriental".
comment Why did Lot's daughters seduce their father?
Who justifies this act? I have never met anyone that would justify it.
comment Catholicism and Christianity
I voted for close. Does "Orthodox Christianity" mean "Eastern Orthodoxy" here or what exactly?
comment Why is Jesus at the center of everything
"According to reformed theology, the Bible is about the Glory of God." According to which theology then the Bible isn't about the Glory of God?
comment Did Protestants get “Thine is the Kingdom etc…” from the Didache?
This doxology appears also in some editions of The Gospel according to Matthew. I don't get your point.
comment Can a person lose his/her salvation?
@SanJacinto - it is a completely absurd idea for me to lose one's salvation involuntarily, so for me it is a duplicate. But Ok, I understand your point.
comment How should a Christian object to those who say Paradise may be a little boring?
Because they didn't fall. If Lucifer and his angels fell because of pride, but other angels didn't, then we can infer, they didn't sin with pride. I don't however know much about nature of angels. I know, that saintly people, even here on earth don't look down on sinners but treat them with compassion. When I confessed my sin to a very saintly monk, he said 'poor you', and I felt it was sincere compassion for me and he didn't condemn me at all.
comment According to Reformed Theology, are Catholics Christians?
Just as a note - the MacArthur's article is full of strawman arguments and lies. It doesn't cite any sources of these 'dogmas'.
comment Why is the Trinity a Trinity?
Just to note - this interpretation of Holy Spirit as love between Father and Son is popular in western christianity, however it would be totally rejected by Orthodox Christians.
comment Why is the Trinity a Trinity?
@treehau5 I know. And that's why the Icon by saint Andrew called 'Visitation of Abraham' is meant to represent the mystery of Holy Trinity. I just thought that this interpretation can be a little controversial for reformed christians. But thanks for the supplement.