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A freelance translator, born and living in Russia.

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"Nothing more true than not to trust your senses; And yet what are your other evidences?"

To read up:
1. True Light Verb vs. Vague Action Verb
2. aspect - In English the perfect construction does not express perfective aspect; that is expressed by the simple past form. The name perfect for the HAVE+past participle construction is a misleading historical accident. 3. PEU 90 - be with auxiliary do (CGEL: "lexical be"; Quirk et al - ? )
4. Actionsart
5. NICE auxiliaries criteria: negation, inversion, emphasis and code.
6. Quirk et al. p.839 - optative mood
7. Veridicality
8. I doubt this (all) the more - the as modifier or adverb

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