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Graduate student in Mathematics. Christian from a non-denominational tradition. Of the opinion that:

Scripture is the inspired word of God, and is self-consistent. Inconsistencies in doctrine arise from incorrect interpretations that are born of ignorance of the original teaching of Messiah. There are no written revelations of God apart from the Scriptures of the Hebrews and the writings of the Apostles.

Christians should suspend drawing conclusions that are not demonstrated in the Scriptures. Deduction of true statements (systematic theology) should never go beyond what is written and elucidated within the Scriptures. There is no teaching that can be added to make better or greater in any way the good news of the original teaching which was first taught by Messiah and in turn learned and taught by his disciples, the Apostles, and Paul of Tarsus, who yolked himself with them as it pleased Messiah. This same teaching was revealed by the Spirit to Abraham and his sons, the Prophets of Israel, who had spoken for many years before about the Word that was coming into the world.

Many individuals who call themselves Christian are deceived and ignorant of the true teaching, accepting many lies as truth and and dismissing the original teaching of Messiah as a lie. There is one true Church, the body of Messiah, that is not bound by denominational lines but by the knowledge of the original and true teaching and faith that Jesus (Joshua) of Nazareth is the Messiah, the living Logos of God, who is identically God, and was crucified, buried, and rose from the dead on the third day. He is the Holy Mountain of whom the Psalmist spoke, within whom resides the fullness of God, and upon whom God has founded his city.

It is possible for one to have knowledge of God. It pleases God to know one and to be known by them. It pleases God to obscure some knowledge from mankind for a time, and other knowledge to the end of ages. It pleases God to obscure knowledge for some, and not for all. It pleases God when men seek out the knowledge of God, and those who seek it out find it. Full knowledge of God comes from Messiah by the Spirit, because only Messiah has known God, and only by the Spirit can Messiah be known.

There is no hierarchy or stratification or distinction of classes of Christians. No Christian is the chief or ruler of another, but all are brothers, and Messiah is the chief of them all. All Christians are capable and able to preform all tasks with regard to worship and practice within the faith. There is a priestly class of Christians, but all Christians are members of this class- Christianity itself is a priestly calling.

No faction can be a member of the Body of Messiah that sets itself against the original teaching of Messiah or declares anathema one who refuses to accept a teaching foreign or new to the original teaching of Messiah. They have cut themselves off from the Body of Messiah.

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