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A letter from the Apostle Paul to Titus
One of Jesus' original 12 disciples. Also know as Jude, Judas Thaddaeus, and Lebbaeus.
A certain disciple referred to as "the disciple whom Jesus loved" in the Gospel of John.
A renewal movement, emphasizing the baptism of the Holy Spirit and originating in the 20th century
The view that humans can choose good or evil without special Divine aid
An 18th-century movement emphasizing individual piety that influenced Lutheranism and Methodism
School of Christian apologetics holding that Christian faith is the only basis for rational thought
Calvinist theologian, author, and pastor (1939–)
The Old Testament prophet who anointed kings Saul and David
Questions related to the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a Catholic religious congregation established in 1800.
3rd son of King David written about in 2nd Samuel.
The 4 living creatures who continually praise the Lord talked about in Revelation chapter 4.
11th century Benedictine monk and theologian, sometimes called the founder of scholasticism
A sect of Christianity founded by Mary Baker Eddy. It is best known for its teaching that all forms of illness are an illusion that can be overcome by prayer alone.