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Not prior to the 2nd century, mainly since the catacombs were not developed until then. While there are various Christian frescos in these underground tombs which demonstrate a devotion to the saints, including the Virgin Mary, the time period for their origin would be no earlier than the late 2nd century or early 3rd, for even though Christians ...


The Protoevangelium of James, is an apocryphal Gospel probably written about AD 145. The document presents itself as written by James: "I, James, wrote this history in Jerusalem." The purported author is thus James, the brother of Jesus, but scholars have established that the work was not written by the person to whom it is attributed. Before the end of ...


The harmonization would be that the Gospel of Matthew is divinely inspired Sacred Scripture, while the Protoevangelium of James is merely pious tradition. In case of nonconformity between the two, Matthew takes precedence.


Luke 1:36 describes Mary and Elizabeth as relatives (συγγενίς). The King James Version describes them as cousins, but most other translations simply say they were relatives. Given the ambiguity of the text, we can not say that Jesus and John were actually (second) cousins, but it appears from this that they were related and would have known each other. In ...

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