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The Greek goddess Demeter also wore a headscarf. And so did Hera. And so did Aveta (a gallic goddess) Were they muslims?


Headscarves are not solely Muslim. The Bible talks about head coverings in a time when Islam did not exist. Headscarves were certainly popular in Europe when Islam was something that most Europeans knew nothing about, and most images of Mary were based on common depictions of women in medieval times. It became traditional to depict her like that, and so ...


From the Haydock Commentary: Ver. 26. Though there were other holy women standing by the cross, he takes notice of none but his mother, teaching us, by this, what we owe to our parents. For although it is our duty to disown them, when they place obstacles in our way to salvation; yet when they do not thus impede us, we owe every thing to them, ...


Patricia Sanchez from the National Catholic Reporter connects the Eucharist and being at one with God with the events that led up to the Crucifixion. Basically, Sanchez's logic goes something like this. We (Catholics) are in union with God by means of Holy Communion. This union is special, because it helps us become better people, and because it leads us ...

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