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Others have explained this well on this post, so I will not repeat what they have said. I will add some simple logic for two points: Worship and Prayer. Worship plainly means to "ascribe worth to." Everyone "ascribes worth" to something of value. Does that mean people "worship" things or people, which is to commit idolatry, when they "ascribe worth? Of ...


As Catholics, we do not pray/worship the saints. Instead, we look at them as role models because they have already achieved Heaven, which is what we must work for. Because they are already in Heaven, we ask the saints to intercede for us to God because they are so close to Him. Our asking them to intercede is what is often mistaken as worshiping them


First off, Catholics do not believe Mary is "present in the icon" in the same way we believe Jesus is present in the Eucharist in a particularly physical way (the Eucharist, or physical incarnation of Jesus on Earth, is the only actual physical thing that Catholics worship to my knowledge). Though Mary, like all the other saints (and of course our omniscient ...


We also have to consider that in the Italian language, blasphemous phrases are commonplace and generally regarded as standard verbal interjections in informal environments. It is therefore not so surprising that laws concerning blasphemy had a certain complexity in Italy, but eventually were completely decriminalized in 1999 (a good article describing how ...


But the title seems to refer to God the Trinity. Is that correct? No it does not. First trinity is not God. Trinity is how God is. That is trinity is not a person, it is a relationship. So Mary cannot be the mother of Trinity. Secondly it would be nice if you know the context why and when this was declared as a dogma. The problem rose when Aryan said the ...


Mary is mother of Jesus. As Jesus is God in an Hypostatic union, Mary IS mother of God. Denying Mary is mother of God is denying Jesus is truly God and truly Man. The Divine Maternity if more a Christological dogma than a Marian one.


No. Mary is the mother of Jesus. Acts 1:14 14 These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication,with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.


Honestly, I think this is as much a question about Italian culture as it is about any Christian belief. The Italian culture produced laws against blaspheming saints; in the USA there were sin taxes and then the prohibition movement. I'm not sure that the reasons why are directly Christianity-related. That said, one can point to common beliefs that ...

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