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The distinction between symbolical and real is generally mute — these categories are additive and NOT mutually exclusive. So we have a real presence in the communion which is also symbolical. In a similar way Christians are members of Christ's body both symbolically and in reality.


Opening According to Catholic Teaching, we know the meaning of the words from the deposit of faith handed to the Church by the Apostles who were taught by Christ and whose minds were opened by Christ to understand Scripture. Starting with a definition TRANSUBSTANTIATION The complete change of the substance of bread and wine into the substance of ...


The beginnings of a response would consider the difference between a simile/parable ("The kingdom of heaven is like..."), a metaphor ("I am the vine"), and a prescription or statement of fact ("Blessed are the pure of heart"). Everyone would agree that Jesus employs a wealth of literary and rhetorical devices to communicate his beautiful message, and any ...

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