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When the monks translated the King James version, They considered the name of God(yehôvâh) to be so Holy that they would not translate יהוה to the word yehôvâh, instead they inserted LORD in it's place. They used all capitol letters as a form of honoring the Deity. Later translations which bore heavily on the King James translation also used that ...


In Aramaic, Jesus Christ addresses God as MarYA. In Aramaic Peshitta (Aramaic NT), you will see Jesus Christ saying MarYA several times. "YA" (Yodh Alap) is Aramaic form of Hebrew "YH" in "YHWH." MarYA means "Master YA" in English. Aramaic was the spoken language of first century Israel. So they used MarYA to address God. So the names will also get changed ...

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