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Some commentators do employ a bit of speculation on this question, including Augustine himself. The Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture summarizes Augustine, saying that the fish "represent the faith of the martyrs that have gone through the fiery trials of suffering." With respect to a similar passage in John 21, Augustine writes that "[t]he fish ...


James answers admirably about the origin of the flag and the meaning behind its symbols. I just want to add a note about its purpose. That is, why have a Christian flag at all? Background: Flags in the Bible The entry for banner in Easton's Bible Dictionary mentions these uses of flags/banners in the Bible, as cited on this Catholic site in support of the ...


I agree that these two beasts are actually the same beast. Here's a list of similarities: Both rise from the sea Both have 10 horns Both will war against the saints Both will torture holy people for 3.5 years (Daniel); equivalent to 42 months (Rev) Both will say boastful words against God Both will have very long lives Both will be destroyed by God

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