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Healing is part of the 'atonement', Christ's redemptive work on the cross. Numerous supporting scriptures also attest. He heals all our diseases, Psalms 103:3. By His stripes we were healed, Matthew 18:7 & Isaiah 53. He bore our illnesses, 2 Peter 2:24. None of the diseases of Egypt, Deut 28:60. The issue of healing is a rift in the body. While ...


I am afraid you are wrong Mr. Affable geek on what sickness means in Isaiah 53:4 . If you study it out in the Hebrew, you will see that it means literally sickness ! Also Matthew 8:17 shows Jesus healing the sick , to fulfill Isaiah 53 ! And let me say that Jesus carried away OUR sicknesses. not just those people in Matthew 8:17 . Because you see , I and ...

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