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Before I give my suggested answer I would like to draw your attention to: 1.Mammon is a wrong spelling. The correct spelling is mamon. If you are familiar with Aramaic, it's probably a Greek scribal error of Aramaic: m mon 2.Various bible translations render it either money or gold or riches or wealth or just keep it as it is, mammon , sometimes with ...


From Wikipedia Scholars do not agree about its etymology, but it is theorized that Mammon derives from Late Latin mammon, from Greek "μαμμωνάς", Syriac mámóna ("riches"), Aramaic mamon ("riches, money"), a loanword from Mishnaic Hebrew 'ממון (mmôn) meaning money, wealth, or possessions;[8] although it may also have meant "that in which one trusts". And ...

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