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If you are "looking for an example of a scientist saying "this is my evidence for it"", then the answer is no, there is no credible evidence of it. If there were, it would be common knowledge because would be so out of the ordinary. Also, it's interesting to note that for the Sun to stop moving across the sky, that would actually mean the Earth would have ...


I had heard about NASA finding a missing day that proved that the earth stood still, however it does not seem to be true. There does not seem to be any evidence other than the Word of God, and I cannot see how there really would be evidence of this.


Whether or not you would consider this as scientific evidence, we only have to look at recent history to find an answer. The Dust bowl of the 1930's came about because the land was continuously farmed, and the nutrients of the land were depleted to a point that it could no longer support vegetation. All things need to have their nutrients renewed ...

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