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The question is not clear. If you hold the beads flat, there's a "direction" ( e.g. clockwise), but if they hang down e.g. while standing to pray, how would you tell which way is which? There's never an order marked on the beads. It's not even particularly strict that one must say the 3 Aves, Paternoster and Creed before the decades, as opposed to after.


My mother always told me that you go to the right because Jesus sat at the right hand of God.


This might be semi-authoritative since it comes straight from the only approved Marian apparition site in the United States. Up near Green Bay, Wisconsin there is an outdoor rosary walk with the opposite mysteries for people of the sinister disposition. For instance, when you walk around clockwise, you see 1st glorious mystery, 1st luminous. Etc... On a ...


The spacing on the beads are the same in both directions. You do not even need beads, I use an app on my phone, i'm techno savy. You can use your fingers and keep track of the mysteries that way. I have prayed the Rosary many times before Mass, hardly anyone has the beads as they pray together. There are many ways to pray the Rosary. Many things to ...

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