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What Christianity and Judaism share is a part of salvation history, as presented in the Old Testament. Salvation History (in German Heilsgeschichte) seeks to understand the personal redemptive activity of God within human history to effect his eternal saving intentions. This approach to history is found in parts of the Old Testament written ...


Jesus Christ is Jewish. Therefore we are connected to the Jewish faith because it is our faith with the addition of the teachings of Christ. Maybe better stated, the Jewish faith, is the history of Christianity by way of Christ's Jewish lineage. His faith and physical ancestors was Jewish.


It goes all the way back to Genesis 29:35 at least with Leah raising her hands in praise to YHWH in naming Judah. As a Biblical Hebrew professor thinking in Hebrew, I find the Old Testament full of hand raising. After the most frequent verb for spoken praise HaLeL (Strong's #1984 & 8416), the word most translated (53 times) as "praise" is the verb YaDaH (...

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