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St. Thomas says in Super Sent., lib. 2 d. 19 q. 1 a. 2 s.c. 2 Super Sent., lib. 4 d. 20 q. 1 a. 1 qc. 3 arg. 3 Super Sent., lib. 4 d. 44 q. 3 a. 1 qc. 2 arg. 3 that "death is the greatest of punishments" ("mors est maxima poenarum"). Also, he writes in Summa Theologiae II-II, q. 79 a. 4 arg. 4: …the pain of loss which consists in being deprived of ...


The Summa Theologiae and in the third book of the Summa "Contra Gentiles" CAtholic answers (I did not hear the program) may have been paraphrasing the concept of Aquinas's view of original justice and the effect it has on our inability to recognize sin.

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