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What does the reference mean? The Witnesses use a rather odd and somewhat cryptic set of abbreviations for their publications. g94 11/8 10 is Awake! magazine, 8th of November, 1994, p. 10. jv 134 is Jehovah’s Witnesses—Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom (pub. 1993), p. 134. Many books also have another, less cryptic abbreviation. For example, jv is often ...


I don't think there's a satisfactory answer to the original question, but I thought an answer would be better suited than a comment. There can't be a total solution to your question, because Jesus was constantly making reference to the OT Scriptures. So, you cannot have an only - word - in - red approach, as it would be self-contradicting. And the life of ...


The other answers are correct about JN316 probably being a reference to John 3:16, and D0UB3L13V3 asking the question "Do you believe". Just wanted to add about the "D4" that this may mean "Died for", i.e. it is a reference to that Jesus gave his life in behalf of humankind.

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