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Great question. I think where people often struggle with this is the imposition of the assumption that hate and love are mutually exclusive. This often tends to be the case with us, but it is a result of our sinful nature. God can both hate the sinner for what he does, and still love him in many ways. Donald Carson has a great little book (free PDF) called ...


Yep, I just looked on amazon.co.uk to find the Divine Office published by Harper Collins for the use in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, etc... Didn't have a preview or anything, but I did find this which says: Psalms are from the 1963 version of the Grail Psalter.


The following is a list of omitted verses and Chapters from the four week plaster, currently in use. It follows modern numbering. Not Septuagint numbering. Psalms Omitted Completely: Psalm 58 Psalm 83 Psalm 109 Verses Omitted from Particular Psalms: Psalm 5: 11 Psalm 21: 9-13 Psalm 28: 4-5 Psalm 31: 18-19 Psalm 40: 15-16 Psalm 54: 7 Psalm 55: 16 ...


I know that the Bible is the Word of God, but it may be important to remember that that particular verse was written by David; "To the Chief Musician". David did not say that he was writing a prophetic word from the Father. It was meant as a song of worship and it was written by man. I think the most outstanding proof that our Father loves us, sinners ...

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