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Daniel's 70th week notes that the daily sacrifices and offerings ends in the middle of the week. The sacrifices and offerings ended in 70 AD. It marks the middle of the seven year (one week) war called the Roman-Jewish war or Jewish Rebellion. Titus made a covenant with the Roman Empire (with many) to squelch the Jewish uprising in 66 AD. The war ended ...


The Catholic Church teaches in the Catechism of the Catholic Church that prophecy is a gift: CCC 2004 Among the special graces ought to be mentioned the graces of state that accompany the exercise of the responsibilities of the Christian life and of the ministries within the Church: Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, ...


Before Jesus, "flesh-and-blood" monotheistic prophets could only address God through what later was termed Apophatic theology. The "introduction" of Jesus brings in what was later termed Cataphatic theology. This significant change made the concept of God much more accessible to humanity than before.


Why God delivered His message through Jesus, God's manifestation, instead of using a prophet like He had at other times, is because what Jesus delivered was more than just a message. Jesus actually became the message, and He was the only one qualified to do so, because the requirements for this job had to be sinlessness, and not just sinlessness, but the ...

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