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Recent research demonstrates how two nails pierced the right foot of Jesus, and the first nail actually went through his heel bone. A photograph of the shroud of Turin is below. A more legitimate source is: The short answer is: The majority of the professionals that had access to the shroud determined that there were no broken bones on the ...


The term you're looking for is dual fulfillment. The best known example is the prophecy in Isaiah 7, which is taken by many Christians to refer both to an event contemporary with the prophecy, and to the birth of Jesus many centuries later.


In their publication Reasoning from the Scriptures they address this question. They don't claim to be inspired prophets but faithful students of the scriptures who in their constant efforts to keep on the watch have made errors in regard to their expectations on end times bible prophecy. Below is the pertinent quote from that book: Have not Jehovah’s ...

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