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Great question! I too am seeking on clarity of the text that shows/implies that God's people were choosing to pray facing toward Jerusalem. In my study, I did find that King David also followed this practice (1035 BC-961 BC estimate of King Davids lifetime). Psalm 5:7 But as for me, I will come into thy house in the multitude of thy mercy: and in thy fear ...


Yes, at least for intercessory prayer. In 2005, the John Templeton Foundation conducted a carefully designed, double-blind trial of the effect of intercessory prayer on the outcome of surgery. The intention was to evaluate whether (1) receiving intercessory prayer or (2) being certain of receiving intercessory prayer was associated with uncomplicated ...


Good responses! I'd like to add my Biblical Hebrew two cents, since Jesus and the apostles were raised expressing themselves in a Hebrew mindset. The word "name" (SheM in Hebrew) is derived from the verb ShiYM "to place" and carries the meaning of "position, rank, honor, fame, reputation and authority". It reminds me of Sceva's seven sons in Acts 19:15 who ...


Their are many instances in wich angels spoke to people in the bible. Yes they could possibly speak to us today but it has to line with scripture if it's not scriptural its probably satan. In the bible it says he Masquerades As an angel of light.

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