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Does anybody know whether there were times when people/ ministers deliberately worked out decent ways and postures for praying? These innovations in postures and ways of prayers / prayer services exists as far back as we have sources (This goes for all religions and denominations of Christianity). The use of folded hands most likely came from the ...


Others have explained this well on this post, so I will not repeat what they have said. I will add some simple logic for two points: Worship and Prayer. Worship plainly means to "ascribe worth to." Everyone "ascribes worth" to something of value. Does that mean people "worship" things or people, which is to commit idolatry, when they "ascribe worth? Of ...


As Catholics, we do not pray/worship the saints. Instead, we look at them as role models because they have already achieved Heaven, which is what we must work for. Because they are already in Heaven, we ask the saints to intercede for us to God because they are so close to Him. Our asking them to intercede is what is often mistaken as worshiping them

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