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Priesthood of the LDS church certainly take the Sacrament to the sick and the elderly. In some cases they will attend nursing homes and hospitals and hold a service if the numbers warrant it.


Sometimes it's a congregation-by-congregation thing. At one time I attended a church in the URCNA denomination that followed this practice for many years; at some point a new pastor convinced the elders to cease the practice on the grounds of lack of Biblical support.


Sure. I would add that The Episcopal Church encourages a Lay Eucharistic Ministry by which parishioners are charged with administration of the sacrament to the homebound.


It is common in the Christian Churches, Churches of Christ, and Disciples of Christ. These are part of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.


The Church of England does this. It's an important part of the clergy's ministry to their little bit of the country — and they will go to anyone resident in the parish who would receive communion in the Church of England but can't (so it's not restricted to actual members of the Church of England). Although the Church of England is the established ...

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