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God freely bestowed has grace upon Adam and Eve. Thus, when they sinned, God did not commit an injustice by ceasing to bestow His sanctifying grace upon them. Adam and Eve committed a great injustice, the just punishment of which is Original Sin that everyone (except Jesus and Mary) are born with, whose effect is to incline us to sin (concupiscence).


Jesus Christ didn't have the original sin, as he was born from a virgin mother. God is His Heavenly Father. Joseph was His Earthly father. From what I've learned from other pastors on the radio is that original sin is passed on through the male DNA. It sounds like there is something to that, because it makes sense when realizing that Joseph didn't have sex ...


Another possible interpretation is offered by the 20th Century Catholic theologian Karl Rahner. In Foundations of the Christian Faith he argues that original sin can be thought of as the result of how all humanity is interconnected with one another. The example he uses is buying a banana. Not, on the surface, a "sinful" decision. But if, at the other end of ...


Yes. In his book, The Problem of Pain, popular Christian author C.S. Lewis discusses Adam's sin in the context of Scientific understanding of his time, which included Darwinism. He presents an understanding in which those creatures, guided by the hand of God, became man. Despite Lewis' prominence in twentieth century Christianity, this particular viewpoint ...

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