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It would appear to me that 1 John 4:7-21 is a discourse on love very much in the style of Hebrew poetry. The parallel thoughts in verse 7: "Let us love"; verse 11: "We ought to love"; and verse 21, where we are commanded to love, provide the frame on which are hung numerous pairs and triads of parallel thoughts. Sidlow Baxter in "Explore the Book" notes "to ...


Survey of Roman law A now deleted (near) duplicate of this question asked if a claim that the Roman law forbid the crucifixion of thieves, so I'll start with that question, which is highly relevant to our exegesis of the Gospel accounts. There are a lot of claims on the Internet and in popular-level books about Roman crucifixion. Some common claims ...


lēstēs The word tranlated as robbers, actually translates "To seize" or "one who seizes prey" The word is also used to discribe Barrabbis in John 18:40. Very few would argue that Barrabbis was not a rebel, those who would most certainly be crucified by the Romans.

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