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The Law could only EVER be fulfilled in Jesus. The Old Testament Saints, were believing in Jesus, even when they sacrificed a bull. The Bull was only a symbol of Jesus. The act of believing also consisted of living. If we believe, we will live. God is not mocked. Be sure and know your sin will find you out. The Old Testament is just as active, and ...


This quote from the OT may be the most questioned verse in the Bible. It appears that no one actually knows what it means and most people only accept it and go on. However the people of Judaism let it control their life. They have taken it to the extreme to mean no meat and no milk shall be mixed. Of course this is not what it says in any form or ...


I find no indication in Matthew Chapter 5 that Jesus is referring to the Law of Moses. Jesus' reference to the righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees, after talking about the commandments (5;19), leave little doubt about the doctrines of the Scribes and Pharisees. The ten commandments are immutable, as mentioned ...


Its very simple when a man comes together with another man seed is lost, this of course does not happen between women even a man who does not go with another man or may be married may also loose his seed, so is it the act of male homosexuality or wasting seed.

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