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This Scripture means do not withold the Torah(God's teaching and instructions) from you children and have then participate in Pagan Idolatrous was because if you do you curse them. Thus taking on the curses mentioned in Deut 28:16-the end of the chapter.


The verse is about "decency." It's about taking inordinate delight in victories at the expense of the one who lost. It's about elevating success at the expense of the one failed. It's about the victor's pillaging the land of the defeated. How "indecent" it is to "add insult to injury!" The idea is affirmed in Paul's letter to the Corinthians, " ... ...


God gave us 10 commandments that no human can possibly fulfill for their entire life from birth to death without breaking at least one commandment at least one time (except Jesus). I believe the Sermon on the mount was to show US that we can't be perfect in the eyes of God. Most people can say with pride, "I never killed anyone" but how many can say "I ...


Paul writes that in our baptism we go down into the water with Jesus and die with him, setting us free from our old husband, the law,-then,...still in Christ, we also participate in Jesus' resurrection and we come up out of the water with Jesus into resurrected new life in Christ, and Paul writes, 'we are free to marry another', which we do, and it is Jesus. ...

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