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I know that software first-hand because I served as a ward clerk. The quote is misleading. On the "members record" appears information about parents, children and husband/wife, along with their member number. Members may have access to a so-called "summary of ordinances" (translation from german, i don't know the english name). The only difference is that ...


No, the Nephites arrived in America around 600 B.C., long before Alexander Helios' days, with a much smaller group, on a single ship, and without their worldly treasures. The Nephites are considered Jewish, not Egyptian, except for a remnant of their written language which was reformed from the Egyptian.


+1 for a great question! I have not found any solid answer or doctrine of the church that refers to this. Perhaps in the Joseph Smith Papers you could find answers there www.josephsmithpapers.org, but I haven't searched there. What you say is true is for today. One has to be baptized before they receive the priesthood, but if you look in the Book of ...

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