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The Old Law was fulfilled in Jesus Christ, it was not abolished. God's Law doesn't change, so don't worry about it. Whatever God says is wrong is to be considered as wrong. Even if the world considers incest to be okay (like they do with abortion and homosexuality) it is still wrong because God says so.


Funny because in Europe they ask why Americans still circumcise their sons. In many traditional Eastern Orthodox countries its even considered a protestant tradition since its so common in the states yet a non-existant practise in the Balkans. Circumcision amongst Copts is performed the same reason why so many gentile boys are circumcised. Its cultural and ...


The Coptic Church is the only Church remaining from the first century. They practiced Judaism from the time of Solomon, and they eagerly accepted Yeshua of Nazareth as HaMessiach. They practice the Law as given to Moses by Yehova, and as commanded by Yeshua in Matthew Ch 5:17 and John 14:15 and 21, and Matthew 23:3, when He commanded his followers to follow ...

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