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And about PROMINENT DIFFERENCES, that's my whole point: they are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BIBLES. One is accurate to the ancient Greek and is reliable about God's message of salvation (trust in Jesus Christ and his death on the cross for our sins, and his resurrection) and the others are so mangled that they don't really say anything clearly.


There is a big difference between the KJV and all other English Bibles. The KJV was translated from the Byzantine Manuscript (also called the Majority or Syrian Text). We have about 5,000 manuscripts or fragments of text. It is a very reliable manuscript with very few changes recorded (none of the changes are major). The oldest fragments date back to ...


Could it be that those who believed in His miracles did not know that He is God? The bible says He had no need for anyone to bear witness of man. Could it be He had need for people to bear witness of who He really is? That He is God, That He is the Creator, That He is the Resurrection, That He is the Savior and Redeemer, That He is the Way, the Truth, The ...


The Red Letter KJV shows the words attributed to Jesus in red. Translation differences aside, it is the strong consensus of scholars that we do not know the actual words Jesus used. Rex Weyler, in The Jesus Sayings, page 14, cites Robert J. Miller, editor of The Complete Gospels: "Some of the words attributed to Jesus were not actually spoken by him. While ...

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