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The 'red letters' are not themselves part of the KJV translation. The red letters appear in many different translation of the Bible. To answer the question: no, there is not universal agreement about exactly what words in the Bible were spoken by Jesus. The New Testament languages did not include punctuation like quote marks. Most of the time it is pretty ...


The biggest problem with the KJV is that no one is fluent in its language any more. It simply is not written in an English anyone speaks today. When you read the KJV the problem isn't words you don't know - you can go look them up in a dictionary like you do any other words you haven't read before. The problem isn't complicated sentences or strange word ...


An Angel moved it. Matthew 28:2 states: There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it. Footnote: the other Gospels (Mark, Luke and John) only mention that the stone was moved, but not by whom.


Matthew 28:2 uses the word απεκυλισεν (apekulisen, rolls away). Mark 16:4 uses the word αποκεκυλισται (apokekulistai, has been rolled away). Luke 24:2 uses the word αποκεκυλισμενον (apokekulismenon, having been rolled away). John 20:1 uses the word ηρμενον (ermenon, having been lifted/taken away). No mention of flying, and the word "lifted" only indicates ...


TL;DR to the same extent we can be sure that the KJV translation is accurate at all Bible translators use their understanding of ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic to study the different Biblical manuscripts that they have available to them to determine how to translate the words. Since the manuscripts don't use quotation marks, the translation process ...


Whether the words are red or black, those are the words of Jesus. Of course the words were originally written in Greek, Latin, or Hebrew. But nevertheless, these are the very words of Jesus through the eyewitnesses of those people in that time. Some translations are questionable.(I.E. The Message by Eugene Peterson) Some versions of the Bible translate it ...


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly referred to as the "Mormons" or "LDS") use the KJV. For verification see Scriptures.LDS.org

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