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An excellent question, and one that I've pondered myself in the past. A pastor I knew once actually gave a sermon on the issue. His explanation paraphrased is that Uzzah thought that the ark touching him would not sully it, while it touching the ground would. Uzzah's actions, though seemingly innocuous enough, stemmed from a fundamental misunderstanding ...


We mustn’t read more into the text than the Bible allows. The Bible reveals Uzzah’s physical death the Bible does not reveal his eternal outcome. He may have passed into the presence of the Lord. The Arc of the Covenant was the dwelling place of God; Uzzah’s error was attempting to save God by steadying the arc. God is the Savior of mankind not the ...


The implication of Numbers 4:15 is that God forbids non-priests from touching holy things like the Ark of the Covenant. Apparently, God killed Uzzah because he, not being a priest, touched a holy thing contrary to God's commandment.

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