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There are inscriptions found in Kuntillet Ajtud and a further inscription found scratched on bedrock in a tomb at Khirbet el-Qom in Judah, that appear to say the goddess Asherah was considered to be the wife of Yahweh. The first of these was discovered in 1975, when Tel Aviv University archaeologist Ze’ev Meshel decided to excavate at remote Kuntillet ‘Ajrud ...


As was commented, books can be written on this issue; however, a brief and to the point response is: No - as not all Christians are Trinitarians, it is incorrect to assert that the Trinity is the primary difference between Islam and Judaism, and Christianity. We must look elsewhere for that.


Modern-day Judaism, which is a different religion compared to Judaism before Christ, is based on the Talmud, which they consider a sacred text at least on the level of the Torah (the 1st 5 books of the Bible). Islam is essentially a heretical sect of Christianity founded by Muhammad, who assembled tho Koran from corrupted texts of Christian Holy Scriptures. ...

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