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after a bit more research, I found reference to the "Testament of Hezekiah." It appears, that it a component of the larger pseudegraphical text, "Ascension of Isaiah." Perhaps why I couldn't find info at first, is that it is smack in the middle of a Jewish text. "The Testament of Hezekiah" is believed to be redacted into the text by later Christians. ...


I came across this page written by a leading rabbi - - he says that there is no proof that Jesus was ordained as a rabbi and any use of the title by the Gospels is merely a respectful mark of address.


According to some notes provided by Eastern Orthodox monk Seraphim Rose to the English translation of Protopresbyter Michael Pomazanski's Orthodox Dogmatic Theology, the Ebionites and Nazarites were both groups of heretical Judaizers. The Ebionites, he wrote, "considered Jesus Christ to be a prophet like Moses; they demanded of all Christians the strict ...

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