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What biblical evidence there is, suggests that there may have been a small window in history (~30-35 years) when this was indeed possible. As well as the verse you've already cited, the Apostle Paul appears not to have been formally excluded from the sect prior to his appearance before the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem detailed in Acts 23 (~57AD). This is seen by ...


What Christianity and Judaism share is a part of salvation history, as presented in the Old Testament. Salvation History (in German Heilsgeschichte) seeks to understand the personal redemptive activity of God within human history to effect his eternal saving intentions. This approach to history is found in parts of the Old Testament written ...


Jesus Christ is Jewish. Therefore we are connected to the Jewish faith because it is our faith with the addition of the teachings of Christ. Maybe better stated, the Jewish faith, is the history of Christianity by way of Christ's Jewish lineage. His faith and physical ancestors was Jewish.


According to some notes provided by Eastern Orthodox monk Seraphim Rose to the English translation of Protopresbyter Michael Pomazanski's Orthodox Dogmatic Theology, the Ebionites and Nazarites were both groups of heretical Judaizers. The Ebionites, he wrote, "considered Jesus Christ to be a prophet like Moses; they demanded of all Christians the strict ...

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