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You're making the mistake of an argument from silence, because in spite of your assertion that "its clear" that Peter, James, and John witnessed more of Jesus' miracles, all we really know for sure is that we have records that Peter, James, and John are reported to have witnessed more miracles than the other disciples. The fact that the other followers of ...


The rapture is mentioned in the Revelation. It just uses a different term: Reap the harvest (Rev. 14:14-16)


I found this by William Barclay in his Daily Study Bible in 17 volumes. This section is from Revelation of John Vol 1; the 1976 United States reprint. http://www.dannychesnut.com/Bible/Barclay/Revelation,%20Part%20I.htm THE AUTHOR OF THE REVELATION (i) The Revelation was written by a man called John. He begins by saying that God sent the visions ...

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