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The First-century Christian, Justin Martyr is frequently quoted in the Watchtower Society books and is considered by them to be a reliable source of information about Christ. However, in his book "Dialogue With Trypho" Justin Martyr describes the crusifiction in CHAPTER XCI -- THE CROSS WAS FORETOLD IN THE BLESSINGS OF JOSEPH, AND IN THE SERPENT THAT WAS ...


This appears to be one of their answers..."Out of zeal and enthusiasm for the vindication of Jehovah's name, Word and purposes, and the desire for the new system, some of his servants have at times been premature in their expectations." Watchtower 1979 Jul 1 p.29 How Jehovah Guides His People


Wikipedia has decent information on this topic. First, the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses on this subject: Watch Tower publications teach that hell (hades or sheol) is not a place of fiery torment, but rather the "common grave of mankind", a place of unconscious non-existence. Gehenna, the Bible word commonly translated "hellfire", is said to describe a ...

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