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To find a proper answer to this good question, have a look at their 12/15 2013 Watchtower magazine. The paragraphs 5-7, under the subtitle 'The Emblems' should interest you. As a summary, the bread was made from wheat flour and water, without any leaven or seasoning, such as salt, being added. Because it was unleavened, it would not have risen. For the ...


I'll try to summarize some of the infos we can find in the JW.org site (wol.jw.org) First, have a look at their Awake! 9/06 magazine, pages 9-10, the article titled "Did God Use Evolution to Create Life?" As a summary, it says that the Bible’s account of the creation of the first man, Adam, is to be taken literally. It also says that Jesus (and his ...


We always mix wheat flour and water and fry it in a pan. The wine is what would have been available to them in Egypt, just a red grape wine, unadulterated thus reflecting the purity of Jesus' sacrifice.

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