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REPLACED OR REDIFINED? When we talk about ‘replacement theology’, we are using very emotive language. The idea that God has ‘replaced’ Israel with the (largely gentile) Church, suggests a betrayal’ of the promises made by God to the patriarchs. Therefore, the word ‘replacement’ may not be the best one to use to describe what God is doing through the ...


Salvation was never based on Jewishness. Israel is the only "nationally elected" nation. Salvation is by "individual election." There is no reasonable grounds to make the church a replacement of Israel. There is however strong literal evidence that the national election of Israel must still be in effect because of the everlasting covenant between Abraham and ...


The arguments for the position of Replacement Theology start in places like.. And all the people answered, “His blood be on us and on our children!” Matthew 27:25 It is further developed by some in saying that the promises given to Abraham have been totally transferred to thr church, vis a vis, Galatians 3:14. Thus, it is said by them, that all ...


You kind of tipped your hand by using the word ideology in your question! An unscriptural ideology is at the heart of a deficient theology regarding Israel and the Christian Church. (By Church, with a capital C, I'm referring to the universal or "holy catholic" church, which is composed of all true believers in Jesus Christ.) There Is No Legitimate Argument ...


It's symbolic. Dan means: Judge Manasseh means: Causing to forget The theme of the Old Testament is law and judgment, but the New Testament teaches that grace causes God to "forget" our sins through the blood of Jesus. Hence the name Dan being in the Old Testament list and Manasseh being in the New Testament.


The"tribe" of Levi made up the priesthood. The priests wore the ephod with the 12 in representation of the 12 tribes before God. The tribe of Levi was represented in the priest who write the ephod. Therefore there was no reason for a stone representing Levi.


The primary distinction which you will find among protestants regarding this matter will arise from the division between those adhering to Covenant Theology and those adhering to Dispensationalism. Under Covenant Theology, the members of the modern-day church are viewed as the true children of Israel. The promises made to Abraham regarding his descendants, ...

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