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We routinely apply humanistic responses to Jesus, who is human only in the sense that He is the human manifestation of the Almighty God. Applying rabbinical tradition to Him, Who is eternal, is somewhat mystifying to me. David Straton gave a very eloquent answer. Jesus applies questions which are designed to get at the center of the young man's heart - ...


If Jesus would come to me today and ask me ‘Why do you call Me good?’ ‘No one is good – except God alone". My answer would be: "I call You good, because You ARE God. Jesus wanted the young man to acknowlege HIM as GOD - to ask GOD HIMSELF (and not a mere teacher) what he must do to be saved. (note that the young man never answered Jesus on that question)The ...


I think Jesus had to have a sword to fulfil the word of God to David who planned murder and was told the sword would never leave his family and Jesus was sometimes known as the Son of David so he had to get a sword, even though they always make trouble like when the disciples used it to slice of the guy's ear. Ed Jordan Stoke-on-Trent


I think why you are missing the main purpose of Luke's detailed genealogy is that you are under the assumption that Christ came through Solomon. During this time Israel was still under the law of not mixing outside of Israel with foreign wives because the Messiah had to come through a pure line of Israel - Solomon did not fit this requirement as he fell ...


‘Why do you call me good?’ Jesus answered. ‘No one is good – except God alone... it is simple, Jesus is saying He is not God. to allow a different interpretation of this, is allow a different interpretation of everything.


Why did Jesus tell His disciples to buy a sword? When Jesus offered the kingdom to the nation of Israel it was a legitimate offer. He did not wink at the disciples and say, "I know you guys are going to blow it, so here is the real plan". The words of Jesus, even the prophetic words are true regardless of what Israel does. If Israel had accepted Jesus ...


For me, and I can speak for no one else, the answer to what Jesus said about arming one's self is found in Romans Chapter 12: "Insofar as possible, live at peace with all men." The key phrase is "insofar as possible." While no one despises war more than those who have been a part of it, I know that violence is to be avoided but I'm not anxious to be a ...

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