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It was my understanding that the genealogy through Mary demonstrated his claim by blood to the throne of David, while the line through Joseph demonstrated his claim by law (having to do with the Patriarchal system, I presume). Either way, it could not be denied that he was of the line of David.


"What exactly are these genealogies trying to prove?" The first and most important thing the two genealogies are trying to prove is that Jesus was descended from King David, as first-century Jews believed the hoped-for Messiah would be a descendant of David. This in spite of also saying that Jesus was born of a virgin. A second point, often overlooked, is ...


Besides understanding the prophetic implications of being able to verify His genealogy to know He was indeed the Promised One, it is also important to understand what the Savior is: very man, and very God. He is the One Who makes up the gap between man and God. It was man who fell, and it was man who had to make it right. Jesus was "found in fashion as a ...

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