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Methuselah died 7 days before the Great Flood. 7 is for Shiva, which is a period of mourning.


We cannot know. We know nothing about Noah's female ancestors or his sons' wives. Maybe one (or more) of them was a descendant of Cain, maybe not. The Bible simply doesn't tell us enough to know either way. The idea that Seth's righteous family wouldn't intermarry with Cain's unrighteous family is unsupportable from the Bible, because Seth's righteous ...


Well the short answer to this one is "No, not any that are confirmed to be genuine pieces of the ark." (If it could be confirmed.) However, in some sense you could say that archeologists have "found" Noah's ark in that they have uncovered parallel stories in other ancient Middle Eastern cultures i.e. the flood story in the epic of Gilgamesh (Babylonian) and ...

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