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Was there enough water in the world to cover the earth? The ancient geology according to the Bible is rather interesting. There was enough of an elevation differential for rivers to flow. Genesis 2:10 And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads. Rain was not needed. Genesis 2:6 ...


The "face of the earth" or "haaretz" does not mean all of the earth. Cains lineage was not destroyed nor was China's and others. The Canaanites descended from the Kenites (who are descendants of Cain). When God punishes he punishes his own children nobody else, nobody else was even given the law, certainly Cain was never given the law when he was cast out. ...


A medieval priest claimed to gave been given a piece on Mt Ararat. It was given away as relics. More recently, Ron Wyatt claimed to have found it, in agreement with the Biblical record, in the Mountains of Ararat (plural). Plenty would disagree, but the Turkish gov't agreed and built a welcome center. It hasn't gotten much tourism, or further study, ...


The bow in the sky I believe is more than the rainbow. I believe God is saying what Kirk Cameron said in "Unstoppable." The bow is arched towards heaven and if He chooses to shoot His arrows they would go upward.


Methuselah died 7 days before the Great Flood. 7 is for Shiva, which is a period of mourning.


We cannot know. We know nothing about Noah's female ancestors or his sons' wives. Maybe one (or more) of them was a descendant of Cain, maybe not. The Bible simply doesn't tell us enough to know either way. The idea that Seth's righteous family wouldn't intermarry with Cain's unrighteous family is unsupportable from the Bible, because Seth's righteous ...

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