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I just wanted to add the story of this woman: Water Only Fasting - 1st of 3 Forty Day Fasts, which shows that such fasts are possible. (She did however take certain vitamin supplements, but none that contained any calories). As for dry fasting (no water, no food), there are also reports of this being possible: Fasting Dry: A Biblical Path.


According to tradition, Judas agreed to betray Christ on a Wednesday. And Christ was crucified on a Friday. That is why these were selected as the weekly fasting days.


Wine and oil are both blessings from God: "wine to gladden the heart of man, oil to make his face shine," as it says in Ps. 104:15. We forego these with other pleasures on the strictest fasting days. With respect to wine, you are misinformed. In most Orthodox churches we abstain from all alcoholic beverages on strict fasting days. (The Russians seem to make ...

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