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If there's any one denomination finds itself consistently in accord with "broad evangelicalism," it's gotta be the Southern Baptist Convention. Certainly that's true on this issue; article 4 of the Baptist Faith and Message says: In its broadest sense salvation includes regeneration, justification, sanctification, and glorification. [...] Sanctification ...


Excommunication refers to a church putting a person outside of their communion - in less jargony terms we could say that it refers to declaring that a person is no longer a member of a church. The National Association of Evangelicals is an inter-denominational fellowship of over 40 denominations and 45 thousand individual congregations. The NAE is not a ...


There is no formal group that reviews misdeeds and excommunicates people from church. So, no, Ted Haggard was not excommunicated by any such body. I doubt that the National Association of Evangelicals excommunicated him, either.

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