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The Trinity; or the God head; as we Baptist often refer has no material substance since He (as we often refer to God) is a Spirit. But does have substance in the Spiritual Realm. According to Merriam Webster: SUB'STANCE, n. [L. substantia, substo; sub and sto, to stand.] In a general sense, being; something existing by itself; that which ...


The Greek word θεός(1) may refer to the essence (οὐσία) of Yahveh, or to the person (ὑπόστασις) of Yahveh (i.e., to Yahveh Himself). "Yahveh" is the name of the person; θεός (or "god," אלהים, deus) is what Yavheh is (i.e., Aquinas' quidditas or Aristotle's τὸ τί ἦν εἶναι and/or secondary οὐσία). In his Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith, §3.4, John of ...

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