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This is a very intentional juxtaposition of the grace of God next to the sinfulness of man. The services of Holy Week (as done in the Orthodox church) make this point very plainly: What was it, O Judas, that turned you into the Savior’s betrayer? Did He separate you from the fellowship of the Apostles? Did He withhold from you His healing grace? Did He ...


Judas could only work miracles and cast out demons because Jesus called him and he was under the anointing of Jesus. Judas being a demon doesn't drive Jesus to retrieve His call and his spirit:"For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance." Romans 11: 29 Many pastors nowadays were called at first place by God but hanged and serves themselves ...


Their are many instances in wich angels spoke to people in the bible. Yes they could possibly speak to us today but it has to line with scripture if it's not scriptural its probably satan. In the bible it says he Masquerades As an angel of light.

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